Unfortunately, we are not able to have the wedding that we planned in 2020. However, we have decided to move forward with getting married in a small ceremony this fall. We want to be married, and nothing, not even a global pandemic, can stop us from sharing our love. This too shall pass, and next year we hope you will join us for a ceremony and reception! If you reserved a hotel at the Berkeley City Club we were able to move your reservation to next year. Otherwise, you'll need to move your own reservation.


Our venue is very close to UC Berkeley and there are lots of hotel and AirBnB options nearby. Cal is not hosting a football game that weekend so there should be plenty of rooms available. Hopefully this crisis will have improved by our wedding, but we understand if you are unable to attend because you are uncomfortable booking lodging. That said, here are a few options for you to consider:

The Berkeley City Club 

Our venue is also a historic hotel! But being 'historic' comes with tradeoffs - there are limited rooms available, only full and queen size beds are available, and there are no televisions in the rooms. If you decide to stay with us at the venue you will need to book a room for both Friday and Saturday. When you call (you can't receive the room rate by booking online), you need to say the reservation will be under the Biehle/Kilpatrick block to get the special rate. 

510-848-7800 or

Hilton DoubleTree Hotel Berkeley Marina

Only 3.6 miles from the venue, the DoubleTree has a large mix of rooms/bed sizes to choose from, but you will also need to book both Friday and Saturday here to receive the special rate. Please use the following information when booking at the DoubleTree:

Group Code 601

Hotel Code JBKCADT

Group Name: Biehle/Kilpatrick Wedding

510-548-7920 or

The Graduate

Just a few (walkable) blocks from our venue, The Graduate is a historic hotel with a few more amenities. They have various bed sizes, televisions in the rooms, and a bar that may be the backdrop for a little after party. We don't have a room block here (they had a very odd policy), but they have reasonable prices.

510-845-8981 or

Hotel Shattuck Plaza

Another historic hotel (are you sensing a theme?) for your consideration, the Hotel Shattuck is also just 1/2 a mile from our venue. Guests that stay here will save 30% on the cost of their room by using the following link:

Dress Code

This is a formal event. Please use this as an excuse to break out the good stuff! Jackets and ties are strongly encouraged, and security has strict orders to kick out anyone wearing jeans. Our wedding ceremony will be open air, but the entire evening will be under a roof and mostly indoors. Please expect temperatures from the low 70s to high 50s. Finally, the entire evening will take place at The Berkeley City Club so you won't have to walk far, and you'll have a solid footing for your shoes all night long. 


We love your kids, but this is an adult party. Doesn't that sounds pretty nice right about now? A little break from the kiddos? Babies that are breastfeeding are welcome to join in on the fun, but otherwise, get a sitter and enjoy a fancy evening without your kids. We understand this may present an issue for you and understand if you are unable to attend. 


Our venue has a hard cap on the number of guests we can have, so our wedding is strictly RSVP only. We will only be able to accommodate those listed on your invitation. 


The Bay Area provides you lots of options to get to our venue. If flying, we recommend the Oakland airport, but SFO, San Jose, and Sacramento are all options. There is lots of street and paid parking around our venue, but unfortunately there is no onsite parking for our guests. The venue is also 1/2 a mile from the Downtown Berkeley BART station.


Our ceremony won't begin until 5:30, but please join us starting at 4:30 for a Welcome Reception. No worries if you arrive a little late, but guests arriving after 5:30 will not be seated for the ceremony. Also, please refrain from taking photos/videos during the ceremony. We will have a photographer and videographer present to capture the moment, and we'll be happy to share the fruits of their labor.